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Barny Foot - Coach at Bigfoot Running

I am a specialist endurance coach with a supercharged enthusiasm dedicated to finding a way for runners of all standards to improve their performance and reap the rewards from their endeavours. I have experience of working with runners of all ages across distances from the mile up to the marathon, and I pride myself on being able to develop training programs that are challenging, achievable and fun in equal measures (except the fun, that’s the most important part so we try and squeeze in a double dose of that.)

My very best support is reserved for everyone, no matter their experience or speed. I just enjoy helping runners unlock their potential and take their running to new levels they weren’t sure were possible.


Training should not be hard, uninspiring or monotonous, it should be exhilarating, exciting, and effective and at Bigfoot Running that is exactly what we strive to achieve.

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